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2016 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas eveyone.
December 25th is also our Constitution Memorial Day. The implementation of constitution is important for any country, so it is especially important to commemorate this  this event. Either Christmas or Constitution Day are meaningful for us. Here we quoted President Chaing Kai Sen fom his public speaking after Chinese Civil War in 1947: "中華民國三十六年,就是耶穌降生1947年的聖誕節,將是我們中華民國和全體人民統一獨立平等自由新生機運肇始的一天。我們新憲法特點,就是它保證要把基督教理的基本要素,即個人的尊嚴和自由,普遍的給予我們全國的同胞。這個新憲法確認了全國國民的各種自由權利,它在國家統一與自由之下,於一個自由人民的精神中孕育誕生。我們認為新憲法的實施,只是完成我們建設新中國的最後目標的初步。但這對我們中國三千年來專制政體和封建社會是一個劃時代的進步。我願我們全國同胞,憑著信仰和虔誠,共同一致,努力前進。"
" 1947, 25th of December, is Jesus' 1947th birthday, and it will be the first new born day of Republic of China independance . Our new constitution will make sure two Christianity basic creeds: dignity and freedom can safeguard the rights of the people, ensure social tranquility, and promote the welfare of the country. This constitution establish every blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity by virtue of the mandate received form the whole body of citizens. We belive the enforcement of  the constitution is the first small step for enbracing new China, one giant great leap for abandoning over 3000 years authoritarian regime old China. I wish all of us, the people of Republic of China, make a concerted effort together with believe and faith , advance along the road to victory, the Chinese revolution will definitely triumph through the fight of democracy."
Happy holiday