led燈泡 推薦品牌 【Smart】





Torchcity is the owner of PIR LED lighting patent in the US, Europe, Japan China, Korea and Taiwan. We specialized in LED motion sensor lighting, including indoor and outdoor use.
We are also one of the pioneers in passive infrared sensor for motion detection. Today, with our strength of LED motion light producing, we have developing the smart home market and innovating the sensor surveillance system. 
At Torchcity, a strong product line makes quality service possible. Thus, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable sales force, strong technical and massive inventory support in order to provide our customers with exceptional service.
We believe that environment friendly technology could not only reduce the waste of modern life but also rise the convenience what we want. We are proud to represent a global list of manufacturers, each specializing in a certain product range, producing them at the highest standard of quality the industry demands and at the same time being environmentally friendly and safe.